Our in-house legal resources are able to assist claims handlers in all product lines when a claim involves legal issues, helping to minimize the risk of the claim ending up in court. We also provide assistance in developing and revising claims forms, conditions and policy wording.

Our rigorous focus on internal controls and compliance with local and international regulations makes us a reliable and professional partner you can count on.

For legal proceedings and judicial expositions Crawford Legal Advokatfirma AS offers professional service within the insurance area.


Services Include

  • Expert legal advice and claims handling
  • Expert legal advice in recourse claims
  • Support related to claims handling and formulation of terms and conditions
  • Legal assistance in cases for the Norwegian Bureau of Insurance Disputes
  • Legal assistance in difficult ad hoc cases initially handled externally
  • Legal assistance in reinsurance disputes
  • Audit of external claims handling


  • We are the largest independent claims handling company within the Norwegian insurance market with broad international network
  • More than 30 of our staff have a legal background of which more than 10 can act as counsels and represent our clients in court through our law firm Crawford Legal Advokatfirma AS.
  • We represent Norwegian and foreign insurance companies and captives and we have developed broad and specialized experience related to the Norwegian insurance market.
  • Together Crawford and Crawford Legal Advokatfirma AS will be able to follow the claim from beginning to the end. 


Andiara Nordang Fleischer
Head of Liability, Attorney at Law
T: +47 67 55 25 00
M: +47 93 46 76 06

Anja Knutsen
Nordic Sales and Marketing Manager
T: +47 67 55 25 00
M: +47 40 06 66 80