Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

Proactive handling of Bodily Injury Claims is often considered the norm. We have taken this one step further through our concept “Case Management” in which qualified nurses work actively together with the adjusters in the claimant’s rehabilitation process. 

Through our team of nurses and doctors we can also offer health evaluations to assist the insurer in the underwriting process.

Services Include

    • Healthcare and case management
    • Screening of claims
    • First exploratory telephone conversation with the claimant about status and next steps
    • Follow-up conversations either by phone or home-visit
    • Final conversation to determine if further involvement is necessary

The use of Healthcare Management enables us to:

  • Obtain a quick view of all the potential consequences of the claim, which enables us to initiate the claims handling in the best possible way
  • Set a much more accurate first reserve in the claims and update this accordingly throughout the claims lifecycle
  • Increase claimants satisfaction (Based off feedback through Customer Satisfaction Measurements)

 Medical Health Evaluations include:

  • Clean health
  • Non-clean health
  • Consultancy work related to routines and framework for the medical health evaluations on specific products and wordings.

Evaluations of Permanent Medical Disablement

The health team also makes evaluations of permanent medical disablement where possible based on the received documentation. This ensures the claims handler is able to make the best possible estimate of the reserve as well as save time and thus reduce costs.


  • Highly competent medical team
  • Save time / total spent
  • More correct reserves throughout the lifespan of the claim
  • Satisfied claimants / policyholders
  • Less re-opening of claims


For further information, please contact:

Anja Rosnes Nilsen
Head of Bodily Injury Norway
M:  + 47 91 10 31 90

For more information and a directory of contacts, visit